Not Stopping 2 Dance! [interview w. Fernando Poo]

Forward note:

During this interview an art squat where tekno producer Fernando Poo resides, Tacheles, has been under threat of eviction. As this interview was formatted into a zine, solidarity parties are held at the squat and artists locked the building to prevent the BMW corporation from taking ownership. A spokesperson for BMW said they are now leaving that district of Berlin “because of the high threat level determined by the police.”
This interview is not about the Tacheles space, a well-known cultural center and art squat for 20 years. But you can read about the squat and the recent eviction attempts in a Guardian article. Fernando writes, “a private security want to kick us out from the tacheles… but we win after 3 days of fight!!!!! ” He adds, “Now the situation is better… big victory of few anarcopunks against the fucking system!!!”

To Tacheles!



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We Was Not Stopping To Dance

{anarchists & teknival music culture in Eastern Europe}

Interview with anarchist tekno producer

Fernando Poo


### play Broken Flower from this track list!:


JOSEPH LA BLISS: [] Electronic dance music culture is part of a bigger culture shift around the world. It’s enabling us to find each other and connect on frequencies driving to more socially-connected and empowered states of mind. Do you think this way about your music?

RESIDENCE: the Tacheles artist squat, Berlin

FERNANDO POO: [] I couldn’t find better words, and there is still a lots good producers, DJs, or party organizers that have the same idea when they play/organize a party. Although in the last years, the original message of the dance music is being lost! Commercialized, relegated in clubs. No more endless acid parties in the suburbs of London. No longer tekno music in the abandoned industrial area of France or Italy. Hymns to life, the free expression of a generation consumed  from the uselessness of the 80s. But more and more machines for the money, where the music is just an irrelevant detail. Not the center, but this thing is almost natural. Think about what has been the rock in the 60/70 years and what has become in the 80s from rebellious music to POP, from hippies with long hair to beautiful porters smiling on TV! The same is happening to dance music. WE Are now in the years when a DJ is a rock star. To signing autographs, with groupies waiting in the backstage, and fees with many zeros. And a lot of there are a lot of young producers that are making music just to became stars. To see tomorrow their photos in a newspaper and sign autographs. Just Bullshit! Dance music needs new stimulus and new forms of expression. But I have always an eye to the future. I know that tomorrow a teenager from some remote corner of the world will launch a new sound bomb that will expand like a tsunami, overwhelming the old rules of the dance, reviving a stagnant world of music.

BLISS: [] How can you describe psikobeatz?

FERNANDO: [] Psikobeatz is music for the mind. Is music that does not leave you indifferent. That DON´T accompanies. That shakes. It is a scream. Is the music that you can not define. Is the music that gives you the bother when you listen TO IT. But you can not turn off until the end of the track! It´s something out of any scheme. All this is psikobeatz !!!!! Then if it’s good music…or shit, this you have to tell it!!!

BLISS: [] You had stopped making music for a while. What got you back in the groove?

FERNANDO: [] mmm … many Thinks!!! Some time ago, after years of traveling around Europe following the tekno wave, I had stopped for a few months in Berlin, and under the pressure of several friends who told me: “You make a very nice music … but is too complex. But you should hold back… you could do some good dance tracks …if you make tracks that are not so complex and with all this change every 2 seconds!!!”

BLISS: [] Did the music change?

FERNANDO: [] I changed my Dj name and began producing minimal techno. But after a while I began to feel empty. No more ideas, no more fun in music making!!! I was becoming like all these court jesters frolicking on stage to amuse his masters!!! I wasn’t me!!! So I decided to disappear to rediscover the pleasure of making music for the pleasure to do it. Without following any rules, standards or other genres. I have taken time to make researches, links between music and magic, mystic rites, shamanism, math, well … although far from the spotlight I continued my path.

BLISS: [] Is this when … I saw your friends in Berlin thought you disappeared into a Russian teknival?

FERNANDO: [] hehehe … that’s part of the story … Everyone really know me, know the real story, where I was and what I did … but I only talk about this face 2 face!! This is a part of the illusion that I try to transmit through Fernando Poo. A story so paradoxical that could be true, and maybe it is, you can never be really sure. A complex system of mirrors that reflect the same image, distorts and the stretched, by dint of replicating itself becomes impossible to recognize, became distorted. No longer possible to distinguish fact from fiction. I like to use the same tricks that the system use over us!!! The most successful example of the last 50 years is 9 / 11 attack! If you tell you that no airplanes crash over the twin towers and that was all computer animation, will you trust me???


BLISS: [] Teknival in Eastern Europe is different from Burning Man in the US. Explain what teknivals are about.

teknival near Paris

FERNANDO: [] It’s a lifestyle… is a way to break any kind of patterns … is freedom of expression… is Art  … is joy … is freedom … is so much more … They have written dozens of books, documentaries, sociological studies, but this river of words does not describe that 10% of what it means to attend a rave party! is an experience that can not be told. Must be lived!

BLISS: [] What influences teknival musically, socially, culturally, politically?

FERNANDO: [] A teknival is a place where you are free to be who you are without patterns, without having to prove anything to nobody, without nationality. No expectations. Free and lost! So it’s almost impossible to define in which way a movement so diverse can have influenced the European culture of  the last 20 years.

BLISS: [] How has teknival influence you?

FERNANDO: []I can tell you how it influenced me. From farm boy to a warrior it was like an atomic bomb. Have wiped out patterns and

Dutchtek ’01

borders, and it will continue to spread radiation for many many years! Guys and girls that I met during the last years, how they change from puppets to free spirits! I could tell millions of stories, give a definition, talk about the spiral, but I prefer to stop here. I do not like to give definitions of something that is still living. When something can be defined it means that you can watch the all movement. From  the beginning to the end and therefore it is finished … Dead! As I said … is an experience to live not to tell in words!

BLISS: [] Is squatting part of teknival culture too?

FERNANDO: [] They are brothers and sisters! a rave party is illegal. So if you want to do it you need to be first to be a squatter.



BLISS: [] Back to making and spinning music… is it that like an archetypal role for you?

FERNANDO: [] Sure, especially when you do a live set, I am convinced that a producer of electronic music can be compared to a shaman. Said very very briefly, otherwise it becomes a infinity speech: In pre-Christian pagan rites from Eleusis, to the Sámi, from Alaska to Central Africa was made (and till now) use of drugs (hallucinogens mostly), shaken by strong percussive  and repetitive rhythms, with the guidance of a shaman who was, and is, the means to bring all participants to the ceremony. To a new level perceptual and cognitive. Remind you of anything? Change, pagan rites with raves, repeated rhythms with tekno music, dj with shaman and the answer comes by itself!


BLISS: [] I like everything you’re saying about music and magic. Do you see a purpose, intentionality, or mission connected to the space itself that you create when there is a lot of people together dancing? What’s your mission in it?

FERNANDO: [] My first mission is to shake the minds before the bodies. In my live sets I put a lot of subliminal messages. I use special frequencies that predispose to certain moods, magic formulas.

I can say that: in a world controlled by free mason, occult forces, almost always inspired by the black side of the magical mystical message, constantly working to control our minds through subliminal messages, through magnetic fields that control mood and health, through fusion of black magic and technology, used without our knowledge via television, careful changes to the human magnetic field with antennas. But i better stop here!!! This discourse can gets lost between extra-dimensional creatures, demons, chemtrails … But this is not the place it, and neither the time. Me with my music I do exactly the opposite. Sending detoxify frequencies that adjusting the vibration of the magnetic field of our body, I recall, through codes and chords, NOT demonic presences and positive extra-dimensional beings. We call them spirit guides.

All this to give new power to a world that is moving too fast towards the dark side of the human soul. We could call it food for our spirit. The human being has enormous power and a force inside. The so-called soul, or by any other name you want to call! Makes us indestructible, able to change with the sheer force of will the structure of the universe, but unfortunately we are aware of only partially. The lack of awareness makes us prey to forces that go beyond time. Beyond the perceived dimensions. What I try to do is open the third eye. To make man aware of his power in a system that tries to do exactly the opposite!


BLISS: [] What’s an example of what you mean?


FERNANDO: [] listen to this track and read the track info:

This track is created to exorcise certain kinds of “demons” that appear when there are very tragic events. They stick on the souls when when are more vulnerable. Sucking up vital energy to leave empty bodies. When a person commits suicide powerful energies develop, decide to voluntarily terminate its existence creates a kind of black hole, a door between dimensions that are usually separated, parasitic entities are attracted by the blood as sharks. I recommend to all those reading this interview to listen this track to a high volume and low light (preferably at night). You will see that in the end of the track u will feel lighter. Or in tears! I digress … I’m getting lost in my thoughts! Many people when I start with my delusions about conspiracies, the links between illuminati, demons, beings from other dimensions, energy leeches behind the Catholic church, or aliens who are trying to clone the soul. They take me crazy! So I play … and keep quiet,



BLISS: [] Back in 2009 I read about a teknival in the Czech Republic that was broken up with a huge riot squad and was declared “a threat to our way of life,” by the European Union.

FERNANDO: [] Indeed it was. For the way they see the European community, together on paper, divided among the people. They said the teknival was an big illegal  drugs market and must be stopped and sent military squads to break it up. I know exactly what appear. I was there in Czech Republic in 2003 and 2004 … was not funny!

BLISS: [] So what is teknival like now?

FERNANDO: [] When they start to realize the power that was in the rave parties, the moment the system start to repress us very strong in all Europe … was hard! In some way they win, because there are not anymore big tekno parties in the west Europe. But there are still a lot of sound systems moving around and sending psiko music bombs. And all the east is still a free zone!!! The nightmare is not finish. The beats goes on!!!
BLISS: [] What do you think are the real reasons they’re afraid of this culture?

FERNANDO: [] Because music transcends barriers much faster than peace treaty. Because music is more effective of what the propaganda tells you. Because distroy the fear of those that are different from you. Because the tekno music in this case was making us really brothers. Doesn´t matter the language you speak, the country you came from. We were all equal. We were one thing. The system is always terrified when the predominant feeling is tolerance and NOT the terror.


BLISS: [] Are police still cracking down on teknivals?

FERNANDO: [] Now as always. Maybe even more than before the beginning of the tekno wave. They were not prepared, did not really understand what was going on. They saw only a myriad of dogs and trucks, pankabestia occupying an abandoned factory for a weekend  and then disappeared into thin air! Our music was just noise to them. No one really cared. Just sometime the police were outside the party stopping someone trying to find drugs. They thought: “Why bother to arrest some junkies for occupying an abandoned factory that nobody cares? Sooner or later they will get tired … or die of an overdose!”

Then they began to grasp the true power of the subversive movement of rave parties. Why was not dying. We was not stopping to dance. And everyday we was more and more!!! One of the strongest power was that in a punk rock band, it was enough to eliminate the leader, and the rest died alone! In a rave party the same system did not work because the idol, the center, the catalyst that allows the soul to rise and melt … was not the artist, was not the man or the band, but the wall of speakers. Was not enough to stop the dj. Not enough to seize a sound. Because there were  dozens new ones that borns. Like mushrooms … like a virus! The message remaining. Tekno tribe did not venerating the “priest” but the GOD soundsystem! A virus virtually ineradicable except through a total repression and widespread.


BLISS: [] When the early UK raves were getting cracked down on it started the Reclaim The Streets! movement that spread to the rest of Europe. Did that have an impact in Ukraine?

FERNANDO: [] I left Ukraine when I was very very young. For reason that I do not want to talk about, and I prefer to don’t about something that I don’t really know! But it was Fundamental for the all rave movement, and therefore it has been for me!

BLISS: [] Ukraine has interesting anarchist and revolutionary history. When Bolsheviks were taking power in Moscow there was a commune, the Nabat.What do you think about the Nabat and that history? [Nabat: a collwctivw of anarchist networks from 1918 until 1920 when anarchists were imprisoned or assassinated by Soviet social control.]

FERNANDO: [] The real problem of almost all revolutions occurred in Europe over the past century is that they have been operated, guided and distorted. Disguising behind the word freedom, or communism, equality… Only economic interests of narrow lobes of power !!!!! So I would prefer not to talk about a particular episode. But I can tell you what I think of violent revolutions in general. Unnecessary and counterproductive! Blood calls for blood. If you impose ideas by force … whatever … the idea is: the meaning get lost. Because if any case someone is imposing his ideas to others that don´t want it, from an idea of universal freedom and unity, becomes a new system of impositions! I believe that if an idea can not be sent with the only use of words becomes useless and counterproductive!


BLISS: [] How important is Nabat it for the revolutionary imagination in East Europe to this day?

FERNANDO: [] Every violent revolution is still operated by systems of power that have an interest in destabilizing the old system of interests adverse to them. Each one, from the French Revolution, to the fall of the Berlin Wall, if you look closely you discover that they was always operated artfully, disguised behind the idea of Communism, Fascism, democracy, the interest of few people. Slogans thrown in your face to cover the true interests of those who maneuver behind the masses. Think of one thing. Those who die in a revolution is the normal people, on the one hand the police, on the other revolutionaries, the people slaughters each other like dogs, for a loaf of bread that the power cast in a square, and in the end? What remains of the speeches of leaders? What remains of the great changes announced? Nothing … only crumbs … just bodies to be buried … debris … The poor remain poor … cry … scream … life remains the same. First it was the tsar. After Stalin, Putin, surrounded by powerful oligarchs, I do not think that Russia has changed much over the past one hundred years! The power stay in their golden palaces to look and operate in silence. Always remember: the barricades in the streets you do it for behalf of the bourgeoisie, that creates fake myths of progress! After the revolution ends those who were rioters become heroes. Those who were police and army become war criminals. Victims become perpetrators. Torturers become sacrificial meat. Crucified in the streets to satisfy the desire for vengeance of the people. That is and will be crushed and subdued by the same master. But for a long time you feel lulled by the illusion of change. Still leaving free the power to act. The powerful always remain the same. Without shame. Without masks. Arrogant and conceited!


BLISS: [] How do you get past illusions? How do you break the spell of society’s mind control?

FERNANDO: [] Think what happened in Libya. A revolution maneuvered around a table to eliminate one man, not to give freedom to a people. Not to change a system of things, but for banal economic reasons. What can change if instead of gheddafi now there is his second? or Egypt … Where now the demonstrations are more violent and repressed than before. Where is still the army that controls everything!!! Just propaganda and anesthetics for consciences! Just bullshit! I am strongly anarchist … anti-system… in all all kinds of coercive forms. I believe that the ideas are pure. But when you put them into practice by the imposition you distort them! Man by his nature arrogates to himself the right to know the absolute truths. You can call it Catholicism, communism or Nazism. The man has the tendency to impose by force his ideas, and blood calls for blood. There can be a real revolution… If you don’t change your way of thinking.

Let me give you an example to try to explain what I mean at a practical level: Some time ago I met a Serb in the Netherlands … 1.90 …. scar in the face, an animal, Massive, physically imposing and muscular… Friend of some people that I work with to Rotterdam. We were for a series of coincidences remaining alone in the house. At the beginning He didn´t spoke much, and me too, a little intimidated by that strange guy. But after a few hours, 2 liters of vodka, and millions of bong of grass, he started telling me how he lived the years of war in former Yugoslavia. He is found (to survive) to tag along to the paramilitary squads of Zeljko «Arkan» Raznatovic, witnessed the massacre of Srebrenica. He said something that left me speechless:

      When he came with his private army Arkan…the Serbs army have again started to move forward … regain city after city until we got back to Sarajevo … is an experience that I would not want to live even on my worst enemy … bodies piled one on top of the other… raped women … scarred Children … … just because a religion or a different ethnic group …
only for stupid ideas of race… the most terrible thing is that when asked who he was … they were not anonymous soldiers from a far way nation … but neighbors … friends… which until a few months before you were drinking at the bar …talking football  …greet you on the stairs … people returning to their homes after months of hardship to find his family massacred  …their wives raped … they all went crazy … they went en masse to the refugee camp of Srebrenica. thirsty for revenge. everyone know what happened … Blood calls for blood … I was there … I’ve seen … I watched in silence … from a distance on a hill … I had lost my father … my sister was raped by one until the day before that was a nice neighbor …
I was burning with anger and thirst for revenge … but you know why I did not do anything? because it is what those who wanted war with us … they  wanted that we kill each other … in a never-ending spiral of revenge and revenge … and the worst part is that was that no one try to stop us…the Militars of the Uno just stay there and watch!!!

I saw and understood the stupidity of the human, able to kill his own son if he does not share his ideas. I left the next day, and never come back!


BLISS: [] What do you think about social war? Things like sabotaging capitalism, smashing things, burning and looting… It is not army vs. army or state vs. state. In English when people say violence or non-violence it is not clear what is meant.

FERNANDO: [] I believe that the fight against the capitalist SYSTEM is a must for all of us, I believe that the fight should be encouraged, and i am, as always have been, in favor of violent actions, sabotage, and spreading as much as possible THE MESSAGE to the masses. But at the same time I am convinced that one of the best weapons that the SYSTEM has to keep the people under pressure, is the fear, fear against your neighbors, making them even more enslaved to the SYSTEM, the antagonist moment is used to justify the repression against all the population, and this generate hate against us, and again the SYSTEM win and make the people fight each other. And he is free to crow, free to be.

a party Fernando DJ’d for an anarchist social center opening in Bogota, Colombia


(…) The SYSTEM put us one against the other, showing our revolutionary action, not as attacks to the SYSTEM, but as attacks to people! This belief, combined with the certain that impose an idea with violence is always wrong, often makes me be critical with many of the movements that are self defining “social war” groups… When we start to fight each other we are more easy to control!!! Never burn a little shop… a bar… a private propriety… or in this way the population…that we try to free from the capitalistic SYSTEM…start to hate us and we play the game that the SYSTEM want to make us play… and the anarchist look like a terrorist that is against the population…and not with…like it is in the reality!!! always attack banks…luxury cars….corporations…mac donald´s!!!

In this way u send a strait message to the population and make a real damage to the SYSTEM….destroying symbols and attacking the real enemies!!! and… i don´t like the concept of idea of big coordinated actions…first of all because i´m an anarchist, and i trust in the individual actions…against the ones coordinated from the top! and especially because it´s more easy to manipulate a big movement, the SYSTEM can always infiltrate someone inside the group and destroy it, or simply kill the leader. Always act in little groups created for a specific action, and then break up the band, create a new one with new members and a new target. If you act for a long time with the same people, you become more easily identifiable. And the energies of the group start to go in different direction after the firsts actions, and this make automatically born a leader inside the group, and, for an attitude that is part of the the humans D.N.A., the rest of the people start to follow the leader, till the end, and when the leader disappear the rest of the group is lost in a fight to find a new leader and this make it easy to destroy.

When u make only one action together, there is not enough time for these mechanisms to come into action, because you are still in the process of information exchanges and personal knowledge, everyone tries to show the best side of him, but is already begun the fight to dominate the others, at an unconscious level. So the single still feels free to express himself without the duty of submit the consent of the dominant member of the group.

Also the violent actions against the THE SYSTEM must always be done outside of public parades or demonstrations, always by night, away from cameras, and the danger of involve defenseless people, in the police charges. One more reason is because attacking a bank during the day or during a demonstration, u give to the THE SYSTEM images to study, makes u unidentifiable, and also gives video material to be fed to the medias. Burn… destroy… fight… is a good thing! but not if the system can use sabotage actions as a material to scare the public, and alienate the people from the revolution against the capitalist SYSTEM !


The Matrix is a system, Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, the very minds we are trying to save. Until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it. The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
– Morpheus, in the movie, The Matrix



BLISS: [] What do you really want to do in life?

FERNANDO: [] I think that life is an illusion. I’m just a dream. A nightmare of someone else… But I’m real like you…  I exist, think and talk. You are listening what I’m saying and following my imagination. We are electric impulses. We are a thickened of matter, electrons and atoms, held together by an electromagnetic field. As a side effect it has created what we now call human being, what we call sentient being. We are at the same time we are not.

We live in a world where everything is temporary, constantly evolving. Therefore illusory. We arrogate the right to use the word forever, talking about music, art, human race, but what is eternal in this universe? Even the sun will  NOT exist forever. But at the same time I feel an energy inside of me, a scream that tells me NO… NO … Is not this the truth. Material life is not the center of everything… death is not the end … is just another illusion that we have imposed. Eternity have NO meaning in this level of reality! Another weapon of the system … make us forget our spiritual side, making us increasingly dependent on superfluous. Your car, your t.v., lost in a senseless spiral of useless surrogate happiness! What I expect from life? to live it!

For better or for worse, without taking it too seriously, how do you take seriously something that will end anyway with the word death? My music is a synthesis of all this. Is the expression of the moment, to stop the moment, to launch it over! Is my way of saying I exist, I am eternal, aware that what I’m doing is not. I have chosen music as a form of expression because I think that is the closest for of art to the linear nature of our life at this level of existence, is not like a painting, a sculpture, you can observe from the bottom, get lost in a particular. The music transports you through time and space, and leaves you where and when she wants, like life!



BLISS: [] Back to the beats, are you making new music today?

FERNANDO: [] Yesterday today and tomorrow.

BLISS: [] What’s it sound like?

FERNANDO: [] Good question! I’m working in the Last Few months with an italian composer Alex Trebo Developing a project  based on the sequence of Fibonacci. To The heptagram. And using special frequencies and sounds. Will be a mix of music and videos. But I do not want to stalk much about this, till is ready! And I’m working to a new live set too, much more slow, around 111 bpm. I have the feeling That dance music will go in this direction soon, or at least MY way to make dance music! Mí Working with some hip-hop singers too. And some other stuff more jazzy. I do not know! Music is music. It’s sound in many different ways! So I try to do many different thinks!


BLISS: [] What track are you most proud of creating?

FERNANDO: [] This one:

… If one day, in two hundred years people will still remember me, for sure will be for this track. I do not think I will manage to produce nothing else that will get so close to what I really am how these 6 minutes and 33 seconds of music!


BLISS: [] Where do you get inspiration or ideas for new music?

FERNANDO: [] For me the music of Fernando Poo is a way of communicating to the world my most hidden… to scream my deepest fears, without using words, but it is also a way of thanking the universe to exist, my way of contributing to the cosmic and spiritual evolution. My way of fighting, my way of loving, to hate, to confess my sins … Where do I get ideas for making music is like asking where I get ideas to make my heart beat … simply it´s part of me … I make music because I MUST … I do not care if someone listen or not! I do not care if will be released … I do not care if you like it…

if I will stop my heart will stop too…

BLISS: [] Are you conspiring with other artists & shamans?

FERNANDO: [] Always. If we talk about the musical conspiring! Most of my trackz are collaborations with other artists. I just record them when we was on parties or on drugs, making on a mic and tel them: “Play me something u got inside.” And after 3 years I put togheter a voice recorded in Berlin. With a flute recorded in Wien. And a guitar recored in Italy. And for some magical special reason … they blend perfectly. Even if the only connection between them is me … ME … That for a few minutes I convinced them to be registered …  ME… That I stole a thrill, a melody, a voice, and for some obscure reason, after having been for all the time in a mind in Austria, inside a heart in Italy, never finding the right rhythm, the right voice, being transported jealously  in the hard disc of my computer, have been met, loved, merged, and finally became the song that you are listening now!

There is something truly magical in the cut and copy of electronic music … don´t you think? The djing in particular fascinates me a lot. When I hear a (good) dj mixing one of my tracks i always think: “Wow … I would not have ever thought of putting a battery on this techno broken rhythm or a voice over that synth!” mmm … sorry I digress! next question …?


BLISS: [] When are going drop psikobombs on Portland or Seattle somewhere?

FERNANDO: [] When u invite me there my friend!! If you pay me the travel and give a place to sleep, and, some good ganga, I’m there tomorrow!!

BLISS: [] If someone wants to book you in the US / Canada, how should they proceed?

FERNANDO: [] Just write to gabriella: Talk to her for everything. I’m not so good to me organize tours. I just move from here to there and play, when i find the right situation!


BLISS: [] OK one last question … it’s 2012 and there’ll be some massive gatherings. What kind of gatherings are you gonna be up to?

FERNANDO: [] Many years ago i think was the 93, first time I was in holland, I meet this crazy italian man — acid dealer, and shaman! We spend days eating papers, smoking grass, and talking… I do not really remember much. I was young, more interested to get lost, that listen to him! But one think he told me that always stay in my mind: “Rejoice because the time we has been allowed to live is the end of a thousandyears of darkness.

What is coming is the era of joy, the era of light and universal happiness. But the transition will not be easy. There are strong forces at work, that are beyond the understanding of the mass. Forces that dominate our world from long time. That will attempt to prevent you from switching to the new level of consciousness. To prevent the evolution of our souls. Our task is to open minds to the change, prepare them to fight the dark forces, to encourage the transition towards the light, to help the weakest souls  to don´t get lost.” When he said these things, I thought he was a acid freaks who had “lost” in his delirium. Every day this is the answer I could give to this question. Join minds before the bodies!

The year 2012 will be a year when THEY will attempt to separate us mentally and physically as much as possible … dividi et impera … an ancient slogan, but still valid today.





Zines/texts available in .pdf format:






Not Stopping to Dance. Fernando Poo. Berlin, 2012.

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Yupik tribe potlatch dance

Reclaim the Streets, the UK movement turns pan-european


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