Archival project on vimeo – War on the Hill.


[1] War on the Hill

{ a classic document on the so-called war on drugs in the Hilltop community of Tacoma, Wa. The film was shot on location in the late eighties. president George Bush senior was president at this time. Film by Dwayne Waller. }

[vimeo w=580&h=330]


[2] Criminal Nation – Black Power Nation

{ Criminal Nation was an American hip-hop group whose members included D-Rob, Spade, Bumpy, Wojack, MC Deff, Clee-Bone and Eugenious. }

[vimeo w=580&h=330]


[3] Crowds protest gang sweep in Tacoma’s Hilltop

{ video from KOMO News, 2009. }

[vimeo w=580&h=330]