On Sunday, December 16th, we will be finally screening our feature length film METROPOLIS at the newly established Black Coffee Co-Op on Capitol Hill. After nearly seven months of work, we will be presenting you with a stark, disturbing, and hopefully illuminating vision of what allows the metropolis of Seattle to function.

The film dissects the train system, the water system, the food importation system, and the electrical system. It reveals the inner workings of the four main corporations, details the hierarchy of the state, and finally explores the daily human interactions that take place on the city streets.

Shot over the course of 2012, this film incorporates interviews, commercials, news broadcasts, and original footage in order to weave a frenetic web of associations that definitively end the myth of the green and sustainable city of Seattle.

We hope you can make it to the premiere. We will be accepting 5-10 dollar donations, although no one will be turned away for lack of funds.



Link to poster:


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