[[Thoughts that come to mind between 3 and 4 am.]]




First of all,


Capitalism realizes it needs nature to survive itself, and figuring out a way to incentivize the re-creation of nature to solve its own problem. It is the problem of metropolises. Metropolises of alienation that divide the human life form from all other life forms, from other humans, from their own desire. Divorced from reality, the conquered human becomes a simple entity existing within capitalism in order to do the things needed to keep the system. The system will survive, the human will not.


The human, the water table, and all the things that sustain life, are put toward the interest of capital — of capitalism. To the ghost of capitalism, everything is capital. The ghost of capitalism is an evil spirit expanding and forever conquering new territories, every territory, every dimension. All dimensions that can be opened up to capitalism, will be capitalized, stocked, banked, flowed, and put into the circulatory system or matrix of capital-ism.


Nature is a series of commodities. Nature is installed as an artificiality.

Nature is a gift in reality.

Capitalism repeats itself.



cycles back and forth between manifesting new dimensions to take over, new bubbles, new flows, new rights to new properties, new managements for newly circulating objects of control within a system of capitalism and control. And the management of new problems from this.


Everything in circulation.

That is the way to keep it safe. The uncontrolled world is an unmapped territory, it is chaos. To control something is to keep it safe, is the logic of capitalism. Everything must be capital, controlled, unified, bound to controls, to an experience of order. An order is a series. A series in the same set, belonging to the same code, following the same logic, same rules. A code of conduct, but a way of life.

To survive, a water table is put in the circulation of commodities, into the wheel of time, into the grid, into the matrix. Everything is circulated at a price, at a quantity, at a demand.



All that capitalism demands is complete control and standardization.


Capitalism –

[capitalism] is unification.

Unification into a system where everything has a price value, where everything is traded at prices. This is the wheel of time. The velocity of this wheel of time trades at the speed of light, at the speed of bandwidth.


  • seconds.
  • milliseconds.
  • inflation.
  • transaction.
  • Velocity.


  • Time is money.
  • But time is not faster than money. Time and money move at the same speed.
  • Time and money have this equality. Money equals everything. Everything equals time.
  • Time and money are a series of equalities. Time and money are quantities.


  • Quantification is the start of colonization. All forms of colonization start here.
  • How much gold?
  • How many people?
  • Is it worth our time to go all the way over there to enslave that many people to get that much gold?
  • Can you ‘quantify’ that? is the question.
  • Can you put this question into a matrix of possibilities, into a coordinate system, with value X and value Y, and answer whether it is worth time?



In reality everything equals everything. Capitalism knows this. That is why it is a ghost over reality, hovering.

Capital expands infinitely in theory. The X and the Y are over-simplications. These are models. This is mathematics. Mathematics is simple.

Capitalism at the core is mathematics. Capitalism creates mathematics, the need for mathematics, capitalism expands with mathematics, expansion and contraction are mathematical possibilities. Everything consumed by capital has a number, a coefficient. But in the dense center it is only a mathematical theory.

A world of capital would not make sense, without quantification, and capital would be nonsense.


Research and development of mathematics enable circulation to be more precise.

Time is but a coordination with the matrix. Time intersects the matrix, but all circulating circulations of capital intersect with the matrix, and either directly or through some matrixed medium, can intersect with everything else.


Capitalism — the religion of capital — is the way of thinking that everything must be on the matrix. If something is not on the matrix, then it must be conquered. It must be converted, into a commodity, and put into the capitalist scheme of things, put into circulation. This is capitalism.

If something new is put on the matrix, it is absorbed.

The capitalistic universe has to decide what value, what number, what coordinates, the new object has and where it is going, and at what pace. This is quantum level capitalism, happening at all points, everywhere on the matrix.

It does the value assigning in relation to all the other objects, like a gravity force in the universe.

New flows are new properties. Properties are values.


Capitalism does not need the human.

The human is no doubt in the matrix. But the human resists being put on the matrix entirely. Being put into circulation is the mark of proletarianization. To be proletarianized means being alienated as a human. Alienation is not human. It is making them un-human. It breaks the human away from themselves, away from nature, away from reality. A human is a stack of quantities, a series of preferences, used-up for research into new areas, used for repair, used for service of other humans, but ultimately not necessary. The human can be bought and sold as a total slave. Or the human has the option to sell services as labor in a circulation of labor values and rates. Labor for money, one quantity for another, equalized.

All things that are circulated fit somewhere. Human labor is on the matrix. The labor market is a circulation of circularities. A wheel of time inside another wheel of time.

I mean to show how everything capitalism touches is put into the capitalistic flow matrix.


Capitalistic forces control the rocks, the soil. Capitalistic forces control the human. Capitalistic forces control nature, even when nature is “left alone” it is purposely uncontrolled by mechanisms preserving nature in order to finally preserve capitalism. Uncontrolled in a controlled environment. Capitalism is a managerial totality of partitions, mechanisms and stabilizers.


The capitalist experience.

Experiencing capitalism.


I am haunted by this ghost every day.

I am attacked by the ghost that lives inside of capitalism.

It comes from a vague source. It has no center to it, only things that revolve around.


… So that we’re on the same page. But we’re not on the same page. There is not a “same page” — everyone is experiencing something entirely their own all the time. Something can intersect. There can be shared wavelengths, and there is an experience that is shared by everything. Everything intersects on some level. And there are infinite levels. We are everywhere infinitely and so in our one place particularly. We experience a singularity of experiences. Everything, but one thing, the one thing being our unique experience, on a multiplicity of levels.



Capitalism –

is this one particular plane of existence. It is the plane where it wants everything to intersect at. It wants everything to become, or at least pass as many times as possible through, its plane of existence. It is a black hole, a negative gravity trying to pull everything into it.

Once you fall completely into a black hole, time stops.

Or you become time itself. Or time dissolves. Or you dissolve.

Or you no longer exist. Or the world no longer exists. Or, dot dot dot …


Dot Dot Dot …


This is where capitalism is. This is the source of capitalism. Black hole. Pure capital. Purely vectorized. Pure horizontal, or pure vertical, or pure angular.

A quantity, one, since everything is valued against the same value, ultimately, one.

Or, zero.

Once there is full capitalism, there is zero. There is no space between quantities. No time.

But this is more than capitalism.



“Capitalism” describes the historical world situation we arrived at from the Industrial Revolution. Capitalism is the age of the capitalists, the merchants, the workers, the bourgeoisie, etc. etc. … the class system with capitalists at the top is what capitalism is taken to mean. Capitalism is taken to mean a social order, a type of hierarchy.


Capitalism did not come from the capitalists.

It goes back farther. It has its own dimension. To destroy the capitalist class — as the basic program for an anticapitalist praxis — is a concept or a strategy that means basically nothing. Anticapitalist praxis is stuck in the 19th Century, stuck in a Charles Dickens story, stuck with Karl Marx, stuck with The Internationals. Stuck, like a Kafka character to a wall.

I’m talking about the ghost of capitalism, the ghost where capitalism originates. Where capitalism spreads. Where it folds, shoots outward, transforms. It comes from a place that is like reality. From a place that is reality-like, a place that can mimic reality, but ultimately can only ghost upon reality.

The ghost is the world and the universe caving in on itself. Once, when there was nothing in the universe, there was zero. There was no space, no time.

Now again, the unity of spaceless timelessness is wanted, but this time by an evil spirit that generates a matrix. The matrix is a false system. It is a simplification. Although its mathematics are complicated or look complicated, it is driven by a need for simplification. Driven by a need for zero. Source of evil warpness wanted to measure everything arbitrarily and exploit difference. It has a blanket of myths, a cloak to put everything between.

The opposite is to spin everything into motion. This ghost wants to bring into standstills. It wants to be just by itself. Nothing moving. Nothing moves at the core or cores. It is purely and simply nothing but capital. A bunch of engines. A bunch of bits, bytes, credits, all frozen. Crystallized into a solid. Or, moving so fast they appear not to move at all.

The ghost.

It is a vector spirit. A vectorized concept. It doesn’t really exist except as a vector ghost.

A space behind space. That mimics space, time.

A quantity that stretches, expands, and shapes itself into quantifiable squares everywhere to fill up the world. Filling the world with squares that do not exist in reality. Instead, the squares are to fill measurements. Altogether the squares make a map of everything in the world, made up by many many square-ish things.


Everything that this spirit does, is also something that capitalism does, and something that colonization does.

Ghost makes a map of the world: colonizers make map of the world.

Ghost makes its measurements supposedly universal: colonizers make rules obeyed by everyone they colonize.

Ghost makes square units to measure everything by: colonizers make square units and grids, and everything must be measured by the same standard they use. Everyone follows the same laws, for example. Equality under the law, etc.

Money is the language of capitalism: colonizers destroy other languages and force a standard language upon the colonized.

Capital accumulates in pockets and zones, highest velocities are in stock exchanges: colonies accumulate in pockets and zones, circulating back through a source.


Capitalism is a ghosting process. 

That is why everyone looks like ghosts.

On their way to work. On their way to the bar. On their way to church. On their way to another intersection with the matrix.

The effect this has is to make everything into a ghost, a ghost of their own experience outside of the system. Sometimes breaking free, and into an unknown, a moment of freedom, a moment of insurrection, is lost because it is not understood. It is chaos.

Chaos is breaking from the points on the map, bouncing off the map, jumping into another dimension.

Chaos is not a resistance to the progression of the matrix. Chaos is its own thing. It is disorder, it is not mapped, or it is unmappable. Resistance is a reaction.  To resist is to react to another force. Resistance is holding out. Resistance as a praxis is not a chaotic moment. A chaotic existence is revolutionary. A breakthrough is a break with the matrix into a singularity.


Because capitalism realizes it needs nature, nature installments, nature upgrades, and rebates, to survive, it becomes green capitalism. Green capitalism is the capitalist ideology of the left political spectrum. The right political spectrum is made by a manifest destiny approach. Both are dynamical.


To threshold on a new experience.

To see the ghost of your own experience, to experience yourself really outside of yourself, is to see how this system has put you into a role for the purpose. Seeing your ghost in the mirror. Seeing the fantasy laid out before you. A mirror is the spellbreaker. A reflection is not something to see past. It confronts your reality. It confronts your experience to remind you of something.