Soul sista’s flow come n hitcha

Witha singalive vibe

Tribal eyed minds come to kiss ya

Filled with life force creative energy high

Bursting out of me nigh

Solarplexus bombs drop from the sky

Sending the charge to my center

I’m storing it up to drop a bomb of magic & loving beauty

Right from me on high thru my third eye

And given form by my hearts true nature

Grounded, it sounded a wave of creative play

From center’s love rising & made me say

True words philosophizing in a way

The blue sky forms

Lighting my mind’s eye

Surrounded by crowns of galactic sunrise

Tribe brother, we lift up eachother!

Each a radiant pure chrystal

We gravitate in our rotations

To collide and sharpen one another.

Evolve with me, back to our originality,

Back to the source, by my side on this course





Malach - a kiss to build a dream