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Leaving Portland Behind: notes on the social …

author: one desirable body

This is a call to social war, not an insistence on representation. We must destroy all normalization—for once and for all. What’s needed is not totality, and even far less absence, but a putting-into-practice of immanent crisis, a rejection in all forms of the logic of mobilization. In the realization of communes, we reject those who would have us give up the inoperative ecstasy of indifference for the catastrophe of passivity.

The homogenous fossilization of our desires proposed to us is like a bad joke, and instead of laughter we respond with rupture. Our need to riot is less the articulation of a plan than the setting forth of a line of flight. Every moment of friendship is a refusal to make demands, a blow against the being of liberalism, a recognition of the radical temporality inherent in the articulation of zones of offensive capacity. Confronted with those who neglect to recognize themselves in our conspiracies of negation, we offer neither criticism nor dialogue but only our derision.

It is necessary to commence without illusions; not to dream of new ways to be productive, but to make manifest the subterranean multiplicities in the heart of each barricaded hallway. To those who deride the singular joy in a c-clamped pushbar or a burning dumpster, we propose nothing less than to shatter their compulsive banality, without looking back.

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author: pfffffffftt!

Day-um! You white boys be spittin’ some pathetic shit! This all you got?

Fucking pussies………………
Me makum molotov!!!


author: rex

How one can write so many words with such little substance. This reads like the most pretentious social science drivel.


author: nah

Make Total Destroy


big words no action
author: prol

So do something and don’t bitch about the status quo.


Forms without content
author: i@

This is so predictably derivative of Tiqqun and the Invisible Committee. French texts probably should be difficult to understand. Translation, especially of abstract concepts, is tricky. But deliberate obfuscation is another thing entirely. Revel in your nihilism, ironically a euphemism for extreme egoism. Not the destruction of the self, but the raising of it to mythical proportions. The only thing that matters is the defense of the ego. What a perversion.


robot talks
author: an undesirable

good, good,well u all passt tha test. this was just an algorithm…. the robot generates an insurrectionary essay when you click on tha button…make instant soc war!

but for real tho, much more shit needs to be distroyed still, so i cannot fail to disagree less with this communique.