I wrote an analysis (see post “Bank like Oliver Twist“) of global gentrification patterns and squatting land worldwide in 2009 and found it very relevant today. My mind is set on squatting the foreclosures in 2012, defending against evictions, defending foreclosed-on homes, and opening up new spaces for solidarities to find themselves. This is necessary now. I’m done sitting back and watching spaces remain empty, and get emptier, as more and more of us wander streets at night without a place to sit down or sleep. We keep hitting up against the same wall. I envision some rhizomatic occupying of the empty space everywhere in 2012 as part of a broader anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian struggle. New spaces can be occupied as launching pads, places that spark new nodes of creation. There, our solidarities are the un-evictable fortresses — it’s not so much about the space itself. Taking space is a continuation of solidarity. We need space is for survival, and solidarity is how to survive. Let’s get to the other side. Solidarity has many new meanings.

– star*fox