analysis, nuance, critique
solidarity for every situation
they’re not all
in the original greek

patterns break and make
for new ways to relate
take away capitalism
and take away the hate


but take away the way
you’re supposed to say
it’s all figured out
and don’t agree with me
just cuz i say



what we’re doing
it’s never been done before
that’s why it works
because we are
what we’re for


cops kick in the door
die-hard fascists demand more
the bank made the world so bored
print money like them
if we want more


it made ‘the world’ go round
dollar, euro, yen, pound
mud people into the ground
it’s our blood flowing now


we’ve got many dimensions
with no singular ascension
it doesn’t capture the tension
when the media mentions
they’ve got your life
your liberty and your pensions


it’s all about respect
and there’s more to it than this
let’s bitch-slap capitalists
and not without talking about
problems in our midst


we’re not shocked by a police state
although seldom we do
talk about patriarchy
and interconnecting the two
or do you?


expect us
and let’s expect ourselves too
teach each other how relate
if we know how to
think sideways and different


if we take away disrespect
all that’s left is no respect
so it’s pro-respect and that means
show that you know
nobody’s listened yet


what we’re doing
it’s never been done before
that’s why it works
that’s why we are
what we are for




Kyriarchy on Wikipedia.