This was in response to an article on Portland Indymedia today called “The 1% Strikes Back. The 99% Will Strike Back Harder.


There’s so many ways you could “make them pay” but probably the simplest, oddly enough, is just occupy space as a matter of free speech.

Somehow #occupy is bleeding their gov bank accounts in order to allow the occupations, bleeding their banks just to police our “rights,” and now they are rolling over in debt even more. I think that’s pretty funny. Direct actions are important, but even at this basically banal level they cannot afford to allow us “free speech” — (read the corporate media on the “cost” of OWS.) I see this describing the sort of anarchist theory of (“gradual”) revolution, popular with anarchist “federations” and the IWW but less with insurrectionist thinking in anarchism. It’s the theory partially described by Ericco Malatesta in the short “Toward Anarchism” pamphlet way back when – where he talks about autonomous collectives “replacing” or “undermining” the powers of authoritarian regimes — the more we rely on our solidarities in our networks/movements, the more their institutions disappear/destroy themselves. This isn’t the ONLY thing happening. Theories of revolution just describe one vein of reality within the revolution (in reality) but I think focusing on building the solidarity networks is important for that, and important just because you’re a human being and deserve solidarity.

Would they go so far as to “cut spending” on policing the OWS movement? Would they go so far as to say that they can’t afford OWS, i.e. free speech in general? Without creating martial law? (They probably would fill police ranks to increase the employment rate, how typically fascist!) But would they say, as a matter of balancing the budget, that “free speech must be stopped,” etc.

Contradictions WITHIN the state.

Contradictions WITHIN capitalism.

Move Toward Solidarity

Don’t Look Back!