I added a page at the top for Musik Videos. I’m re-organizing my blog and figuring out what to best use it for. My blog started out as my personal blog and now has evolved into whatever this is. It saves me time to have projects that are really just for me at this point – DJing, zine-making and filmmaking – linked in the same location instead of creating several different blogs and different usernames. I’m working too much in the blogosphere with the different projects. I don’t feel the need to take credit for other ones and it’s not the point to have other ones here. If you really want to see something take off for other people you don’t want to brand it, especially not with your name – you don’t it to be tied to one person’s ego. It’s still overwhelming sometimes with this blog and some other projects because I can sit here for hours and hours and forget about the time — and then I wonder what the hell I did that was worth sitting here so long. Consolidating projects is good if for no other reason than saving some time from digital alienation land. I wonder this blog seems like I’m trying to advertise how cool I am. Please tell me if you get that impression. I wonder if it comes across egotistical, or that it’s about taking every bit of credit for anything involving myself. (I write articles, have a zine distro, make films and even DJ! hey! look at me…) If I start quoting myself that would be ridiculous. Somebody should say something.

As far as filmmaking and music videos – I do this as my source of income these days, so I’m also trying to get the word out to friends and likeminded folks (musicians, anarchists, people with worthwhile projects) that I do this kind of work, and people can hire me to help them with videos, building websites, I also do graphic design, and I’m savvy with online social networking, (I’ve worked for online marketers and know how they operate, which is, pretty shitty!) Up till this year I’ve been doing this and not asking for pay, because I like making videos that get people excited about real things. However, I’m soon going to add a donation box through Paypal for these three projects: Potlatch, Staarfox and K’N films. If people want to send me some cheeze, cool, but I’m not going to count on it. Thanks for reading this post – below are 3 music videos from ’08 that I downloaded from subMedia.tv‘s Youtube channel and uploaded into a separate account for UtopiaOrBust. These are clips I made with Frank Lopez at the DNC in 2008. No music videos from the RNC – shit got too buckwild! 🙂 But check out the musik video page since there’s more of them there.



Turn Off The Radio!



Sound of Da Police



Bullet in The Head



In recent news have you seen some of these wicked photos from Oakland’s general strike on Wednesday?