There is my head

Steady, way above my body as I tread

Peaceful, tranquil and silent

My gyroscopic vision

Sees far into tomorrow with precision

As great possibilities out-circle

Other possibilities further along

in the world’s math

Where Muladaran purposing is nurtured

Futuristically beyond

The Precambrian past

Over DNA-land

And far into

the Star Blast

Here I am now

With my family and friends

And from my head to my feet

Grounded in this physical existenz

Being so infinitely me

And so instantly free

Considering I am not even me . . .











\/ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
\\\ \/ ///////////////////////////////////////////
\\\\\\\\i\ \/m //////////////////////////
\\\\\\\\\\ \/ /////////////////////
\\\\\\\\\\ \/ ////////////////
\\\\\\\\\\ \/ ////////e///
\\\i\\\\\ | ////////||
\\\\\\\\ //////||
\\\\\\\\ |||||||
\\\\\\\\ //////||
\\\\\\\\ ///////|||
|\|\|\|\\ //|/|/|\\\\\

Little creatures scatter if ever I should trip

I put lions to death with one easy kick

But I don’t trip. I don’t complain

And rarely am I sick.

It’s a wonder I am not vain

With so many great gifts

Most everyone knows

My weaknesses coincide

Between meek lows and peak highs

So I move extra careful

When our mouths go desert-dry

I’m going to the waterhole in fact

So bitch step back

I’mma say it out loud

Don’t talk smack

Behind my ass crack.

Don’tchu know

Giraffes fight back

Where do I get my game?

I’ll tell you what the universe tells me

& to everyone if you listen clearly

“You are not so mundane”

The message is free

For your own personal gain

So speak yourself now to all star seeds

in the open desert plane