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Family Fun Days:

This was a free, outdoor full moon gathering on the Oregon Coast, renegade style in the woods. I recently got a new lap top and sound card so it was good to jam out. This weekend camp-out happened to be organized in what seemed like a week and a half. And still had the most consistently amazing music I’d heard probably all summer: all kinds of drum n bass, techno, glitchy breaks, house, dubstep, and psytrance on two stages. I met a friend there who played the sickest minimal frequencies and tonal music LATE into the night, and that blew my mind. I don’t even know what to call that besides just “frequencies”. The music was great and the people were fabulous. Family fun. Other things that made it awesome: bloody maries, meteor showers, swimming in the creek, Mayan ruins, 2012 end of the world party, the Illuminati was there, and the Discordians, stage design … I like designing stages so I came up with some awesome ideas for next time – enneaschematicks and stage dasein. Also dancing, dancing is a lot of fun.

The music… raged all weekend-long and I played this around 7pm on Saturday. I wasn’t sure what people would be into, whether they be asleep, or had enough of dubstep yet… Turns out people were awake. Some left, some arrived. This music is like cosmic dubstep in the beginning – there’s samples from pagan metal, tribal drumming, psydub, sexy vocals. I had 4 decks open in Traktor with some chakra sequences playing all throughout, going from the root to the crown. Later on it switches from dub to tech, and eventually to tribal tech-house with a lotta techmo-mentum. (techno momentum!)

Love & chaos