From outside the deep hole

Inside all of this

Everything goes

All the way through

Into everything else




– Insiding –

Hooks into openings

Stretching them larger

All is opening

Everything opened now.

Now everything opened

Lives inside

And hooks into

Everything’s inside

The more sides insiding

From within

Folding with more in –

Inside of itself

Where every dimension of in

Is on its way in too.

The inside becoming

The new outside

of everything.



Outsiding –

Outside becoming

The new

Inside to everything

As always closing

Mirroring the way



Frontside, Backside

Farside, Starside

And out of:

Out since, out for

Out during in’s going-in to out.

Out past, out towards

And referring “in” to “out”

Without a doubt

Positively out

Everything out

Everything out now

Out, then



Out till out

Comes back in.