Alright alright, so we got a dope beat, now here’s a dope rhyme…

Broken glass everywhere!

Mosaics on the sidewalk

Kids playing foursquare

If it ain’t about my hood ya know we just don’t care

Localities by the score

Get tight and unite next door

The volunteer core got a sing-alive vibe word is born

Rhizomes find home in your rhyme-zone, singularities punching

Compass Junction, the hacked triple-stack laced the function

Heads bumping


Saint Johns crew with the biggest and the baddest

Backyard bamboo lattice with the asset map status

I’m in the attic with the raddest and the bombest

Planet Repair Insta-troupe

Brewin’ up a sick tight song list

Shit hits the fan, the plan: my neighborhood glue

Canned foods for land feuds in the 2012 Coup

When sibyl-eyed minds redesign time for human truth

And poets float notes to civilized youth:

Placemake the blank space, show the globe slowly

You’re free So are we, pounding feet into adobe

Medicine is the weapon

Intersections spinning out the needles

Love-kissed alchemists and music for the people

The myth cried insurgence

Emerging from observance

Collides citywide in the Indra-net convergence

We stomp grounds and pound footprint in solid rock

You got it locked

Terra- forming like ant hives

On my hottest block

Check out my film Village Alchemy, a guide to placemaking and creating livable human communities on the Village Alchemy website.