It goes something like this…

You start off alone in the void, surrounded by your own chaos, right? Chaos is a good thing. But if you’re looking for a relationship what are you looking for? – not chaos. A connection with another person, who sees who you are at this time. The relationship is part of your becoming, and a becoming unto itself. You eventually grow out of the relationship just as you grow out of yourself. So the relationship has to change too or there will be conflict.


In a relationship you find




a sharing of


a companionship

a sketch of the future

A way to communicate

a way to be


with your collection of

unstable passions

a becoming of


the showing of


it’s gotta have



LOVE  too

Ultimately relationships come full circle becoming




It’s always chaos. When you’re breaking up with someone over a shitty text message it’s chaos. And when you’re making love under the stars it’s chaos. So a relationship has the elements of love and chaos. Identities, desires, and passions change and each of us flowers into many directions. A bad pattern with my generation’s love relationships is not with monogamy. The perfect alternative is not polyamoury. The bad pattern is if we are not giving people the time they need to develop and grow into themselves, to be their own becoming and to be the singularity that they are – which is not constant and always changing.

Often you cannot grow, or change, in a relationship without the relationship “failing”. How silly is that? If you really feel connected to someone, wouldn’t you want to embrace who they are now and who they are becoming right now? Even if that means they are becoming separate from you. Do you see what the becoming is, and are you playing a role in it? Or are you afraid that their becoming will disrupt your connection to them at this time? If you’re trying to save something, it is probably already not the same thing anymore. This a problem with love relationships, and with aggressive parenting, when the child is becoming something other than what the parent was expecting, or when their future is uncertain.

It is a problem of looking for constants, always. When reality is infinite. Science invents constants for any uncertainty it comes across, especially in theoretical science. Placing finite values on infinite chaos is not what the manifold of the mind has to do in order to “survive” in my opinion. Reality is infinite, and so are people.



With love & chaos persisting from within…

Yours truly,