This is spectacular puppet show I filmed with Hannah Apricot at the Village Building Convergence. A dragon emerges from a well which two alchemists prepared with their lives thousands of years before, where the well is now surrounded by “the cacophony of the city.” The dragon in the well, now discovered, has become a source of myth of legend around the world. Sarah Heath and Eva Miller along with Frances Michaelson, an amazing puppetmaster and artist, sing a song in the voice of the dragon. Lola Dancose is playing magic rhythms on the accordion, and the marvellous Michael Cook narrates the story from a gigantic book of alchemical mysteries. Look close enough and you’ll see he’s not wearing pants.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Eva Miller

Frances Michaelson

Michael Cook

Sarah Heath

Lane Barrington

Lola Dancose


Hannah Apricot

Joseph La Sac