Village Alchemy is a film project I started launching.


I was able to save this tiny description before it all blew, however:

Two Portland, Oregon filmmakers are proud to announce we are creating a guided film to village building. We’ll air the film festival-style early Fall 2011 – it will be available on DVD shortly after.

Village building is a process that involves neighborhood placemaking, deepening social connectivities, and principles of permaculture design. The fruits of village building is something we’d like to share with all of you with a comprehensive guide showing how to do it. This film features interviews with leaders in permaculture design, natural building, environmental education, placemakers, artists, and core coordinators of the Village Building Convergence in Portland.

The Village Building Convergence is an all volunteer 10-day placemaking festival in Portland. For more info on the VBC visit City Repair’s website ( Follow us on this website to find more about “Village Alchemy” the film. A few photos from this year’s Village Building Convergence:

There are hundreds of photos from the film on the Facebook page.

Sunnyside Piazza, VBC 11 (photo courtesy of Rose Madrone)

Boise-Elliot, VBC 11 (photo courtesy of John Davenport)

Ujima Center, VBC 11 (photo courtesy of John Davenport)

8th and Holman, VBC 11 (photo courtesy of John Davenport)

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That’s all for now! Cheers 🙂