Thanks for the comment here  … hadn’t thought about it in those terms.  I’ll drop copulas more often.

Germans and Greeks I’ve met speak English without copula and it sounds great to me & I’m sure it sounds great to them. There’s no messing around, no bullshit copula, no baby talk. Words these days be cliches, predictable catchphrases. Big information come in form of small word, Word? Shorter sentences for shorter spans of mind. Just get to the point! (Have you ever read Roman orators in the original Latin, like any decent, civilized person? A normal sentence from Cicero has no commas, no breaks, only clauses, and runs on for several paragraphs, if not pages.) In a future where writing comes in the form of bullets… bullet-words and bullet-talk… copulas and what-nots will be truly arcane. Is it a bad thing?



We make words into

* Bytes to chew

* Points to view

* Bullets to shoot

* Pop slugs from your brain like a rifle

* Str8 to the cranium

* Here’s THREE & I’m aiming ’em…


To summarize


(1) Chew more bytes

(2) Shoot more slugs

(3) View more points

Get more viewpoints, ya dig.