I’m too busy for God these days – no really – when’s the last time I had a moment for Yahweh? I used to love arguing with argumentative religious people. So Yahweh used to be a daily ritual. What happened? It never comes to mind as a viable pastime anymore. Seems I’d rather be busy in a community of people that don’t take the platforms and values of Yahweh as the starting point for social interaction. To clarify – I’m not an atheist, and come to think, I use “scientific logic” only in science classes. Right now I’m on the blog, and so here I use blog logic. It’s called  …  BLOGIC, hey!


To clarify my point-of-view  … actually, I am God. Cool eh? I don’t feel the need to make a claim for anything in this area of the universe, or defend myself against charges of atheism, that’s silly. I don’t defend a belief I have. (Actually beliefs don’t really exist that way.) You could say I am an image unto myself – I like that. So yeah I’d be the real deal then.


My values? I *could* clarify them here, and it’s expected you’ll disagree with them … In fact if you DID agree right off the bat I’d think you were a little confused. My teachings are supposed to be hard, see. And even though there’s an inherent problem with language as the medium, still, some secrets of the universe I am perfectly content with keeping to myself. Why not, they’re my secrets. You’d have to please me in such a fantastic way that I’m delighted to share. They’re not for everybody, and truth be told, they’re for nobody.




Alright, so you want to prove that I am NOT God. Well I’m guessing that you do … I CAN reserve the right to omniscience so as to enjoy some Mysteries in my life. (You can try this at home too. For example, you could guess what I’m gonna say next…) Side note: don’t you love “first-order” statements like the one above? – feels powerful to say what something is NOT, eh? But you’d have to be even more powerful to say what something IS. So Socrates didn’t know shit huh? It’s okay to agree with me on that value.


So let me take a cosmic moment to think what I’d say to a possible-John living in possible-universe-X (ha, now you’re getting me to think like a theologian. That’s your job!) who says to me the statement: “You are NOT God.” My reply would be something kinda like … Geez man, how insulting are you trying to be? Yo who likes to have a conversation with an interlocutor who doesn’t give you the common courtesy of letting you be who you is? I don’t… OK lemme ask you this, from a booming voice inside my whirlwind…


Where were you, John, when I had dreams of blue, green, gold and purple? Where were you when my fox in the technicolor dream cloak unveiled the forms of the universe and when my great owl conceived the light in the heavens? Where were you when I created music? Art? Love? What about when I made love? (You’re supposed to say you were not there…)


Job 38:1-3 Then Yahweh answered Job out of the whirlwind, saying, 'Who is this speaking in ignorance? Gird your loins like a man and I will question you, and you will answer me!' - via the Brick Testament

But John why are you now trying to find me in the church? That’s not where I am, dude! I am writing this blog. Jesus would be writing a blog if he were alive today too. If you really wanna know the truth, these days I’m still busy making images of myself.



Final clarifying remarks:



I like what you said in your clarifying remark. You, who are NOT me (yes and no), have a decent grasp on how the mind of God works… You said

“You attempt to understand [God] from your own acceptable paradigms of what a God could/should be like.”



I admit to doing that, yes. I don’t find any problems with it. But it eliminates a lot of silly problems though (like the ones you’ve got.) And me I’ve got problems too. You might have guessed that one already. My problems are bigger than yours, so don’t feel like you’re missing out… maybe you are missing out?


You know John, you might have an “idea” of what God should be like too. Maybe there’s a future in that for you. You could go around preaching to people about it, or go to Africa even. Heck it might be worth something. Christians are making a lot of money on, and also off, the earth. Though personally I’m not offended that other people accept *other* Gods as their masters. Fine. What infuriates me is when my planet is enslaved… and exploited. The planet of slaves is living and working in somebody else’s house.


Because you see…   no one man owns house!


House is universal language spoken and understood by all.  It’s a feeling that no one can understand really unless you’re deep into the vibe of house. And as I said before, I am the creator and this is my house. But once you’re into my house, it then becomes our house and our house music.

You may be black! You may be white! You may be straight! or gay! It don’t make a difference in our house…


and this…


is fresh!


*** the post was re-posted from a reply written today.