This was an email to the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival that was sent back to me. Their account expired? If other people have been to it or know more feel free to chime in.

Yo Chicago, I’d like to know about the film fest. I’m a filmmaker from the Northwest. How big is your film festival and what are your plans in the future for it?

Are you showing films from mainstream media OR is it primarily films from anarchist filmmakers? There is a lot of filmmaking happening right now from anarchists [bigger ones I know of End:Civ PART 2, Anarchism: A Documentary, also my film Village Alchemy] If it’s a bigger film festival that’d be great because anarchist filmmakers could network with each other and collaborate. We can make a counter-spectacle.

Stay fierce

The description of the event on Facebook says it’s a

“… yearly festival with a sample of films from mainstream sources, rediscovered classics and the works of filmmakers engaged in social change with an anarchist vision.”

Still has me wondering: is it small like anarchist bookfairs in the US besides San Fransisco’s, or bigger? It would be pretty sick if it were like a Sundance Film Festival but put together by the (A) team.