2010. M(A)Y DAY.

It’s been a hundred and fourteen years since anarchists in Chicago started the first May Day and in their epic battle the labor bosses were compelled to create an 8-hour work day.

For the first time May First, Primero de Mayo, was our May Day in Tacoma. Cool thing is we didn’t have to compete with any reformist agendas you find at most marches. In Tacoma nothing happens on May Day. So the city is ours to play with…

I personally spent a lot of time talking to labor groups and Latino groups and neighbors about May Day. Unfortunately, it’s shitty that Latinos in Tacoma get bussed from to Seattle for their May Day march. The “Committee for Immigration Reform” which is actually made up of several people from the Tacoma area didn’t seem to happy we were doing a march in Tacoma because they wanted to have a regional march. For photo opportunities? That’s pretty typical of platform groups to do that, but how many of those Latino workers and live outside of Seattle? This is a symptom of the metropolis, where the media attentions and focuses at the center – Seattle. Not at the periphery – Tacoma.

The immigration reform committees aren’t terrible people. I gotta point out that the Committee for Immigration Reform pays something like over $10,000 for permits and pointless regulations to do that march. We didn’t pay SHIT to do anything in Tacoma, because really — the cost of “free speech” is how much, again?

All Cops are Bastards and other crude slogans we proudly proclaimed echoed back and forth off the boring, stainless steel and glass of the Tacoma Art Museum and the UW campus building. Pretty much the city was empty as always, except that there was a corporate Budweiser brewfest event that tried to kick us out of the laughable “public square” in Tacoma, Tollefson Plaza. And a peacenik hippie dude threw our burning flag of the United States it into a bucket of water. Free speech, yo! He can say whatever he wants. So next time we’ll burn more than just the flag.

Afterward we had some get togethers and listened to music, talked a of shit about the peacenick hippie dude, the cops, and all the ways we’re going to make Tacoma explode with passion and love of adventure.