Tacoma cop cars get air-conditioned, and had to be towed away to a safe place…

this cop car, destroyed after the Oscar Grant verdict in L.A.

"Oscar Grant was here."

All over the West Coast, from Seattle to the Bay Area and Los Angeles, the message is this:


Photo from the Portland anti-Mehserle trial demonstration, July 9th


BACKGROUND NOTE: This message is for Uncle Tom. He’s the guy who believes people need a master like the police to be subservient to. As narrated in the book “The Spook Who Sat By the Door” armed black guerrillas in Chicago take over the city after several fatal shootings of black people by the police. They blow up the mayor’s office and occupy a radio station to send communiques to the public. An artist who takes on the name UNCLE TOM comes on the air and sends messages from the front-lines to the people of Chicago…



Hello Tacoma, where’s your good old Uncle Tom?

According to his favorite newspapers the cops spend all day playing basketball with the kids and helping old ladies cross the street. But a lot of people know better don’t they? They know about the trigger-happy patrol cops who execute people in the Bay Area subways, the people they beat up on South Tacoma Way, and the homeless people they shoot in Portland. And they know about the judges who help these motherfuckers get away with murder.


A sleeping homeless man tazered, beaten, and attacked by K9s in Lakewood, WA then aired on public television via C.O.P.S.


Turn off C.O.P.S. and put down your motherfucking Tacoma News Tribune. Do you know what Tacoma’s Finest call people like Oscar Grant in private?



In the really-really-false world a coworker of mine is dating a Washington State Patrol cop named Uncle Tom. One day we both got off work late and he wanted to drive us home. We said OK. On the way home we passed by Wright Park and Tacoma Avenue. A group of black kids were hanging out on Tacoma Avenue. Your Uncle Tom turned to me and said, “Look at those niggers.”

“Those niggers don’t belong in my neighborhood,” said Uncle Tom. He said he’d been trying really hard to remove them from our neighborhood, starting with the area around his condo on the Hilltop. “This is what I have to deal with,” said Uncle Tom. He didn’t say this in rural Idaho. He didn’t say this at an Aryan Nation retreat in Puyallup. He said this on Tacoma motherfucking Avenue. In your backyard.

Funny shit. So I have to work with this piece of shit’s girlfriend. She said to me once: now that I’m dating this Uncle Tom copper, “I know cops are just real people like you and I….”


I’m fucking speechless. She really loves Uncle Tom. But Uncle Tom kills real people like you and I. If you are like Uncle Tom’s girlfriend you need to get out of that abusive relationship right now.


Cops = Murderers.


They murder real people. They’re there to protect property, not lives. What are you going to do when your Uncle Tom turns against you? You don’t have a criminal “justice” system. You have a criminal system. Even if they do count your vote several times, there’s still the pig.


The message is this, in solidarity with Oakland:


“They can’t shoot us all.”



Oscar Grant (RIP) mural in Oakland


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BART verdict: Scores arrested in Oakland after protesters loot stores and smash windows

July 9, 2010 | 12:04 am

Bart-verdict-oakland-looting-foot-lockerScores of people were arrested in Oakland on Thursday night as police tried to wrest control of downtown from looters angry about the BART verdictearlier in the day.By 11 p.m., the heart of downtown Oakland was a mess. A Foot Locker was smashed when looters took off with shoes and bags of athletic gear. People shoved trash cans into the street and set rubbish on fire.Men sprayed graffiti on walls and windows on Broadway; one outside Tully’s Coffee read: “You can’t shoot us all.” Large fires billowed out of dumpsters on 20th Street and Telegraph Avenue. Windows were smashed at a Subway sandwich store, a Sears store and the empty former office of Far East National Bank.

At 20th Street and Broadway, a crowd was overrunning police and throwing bottles at officers, so authorities released smoke to disperse them, said Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts.