I wrote this rhyme in 2007.


What you said is true, and there really is no movement if it’s not moving –

no activation without participation –

no organization with hipsterization –

no change without a plan –

no goals without souls –

and when it all hits the fan nobody will take a stand –

if it’s dying then it’s dead –

movements want to move on with their lives –

forget about change and embrace the status –

dissolve into disinterested apparatus –

the emptiness of old and new stratas –

the skepticism of skepticism that was also once skeptical –

a big yawning graduation ceremony –

a house in the suburbs –

a stupid fucking fence next to a bright blue mailbox –

finding time to find more time but no time to find out what’s wrong with it –

the more professional the more concessional –

the more backsliding the more axe-grinding –

we can find time for a house party but we can’t challenge our own insecurity –

i want to go to ask night and ask them what that they like most about their lives –

the unhappiest countries in the world tell the biggest lies –

and right now I could give a fuck whether that world survives