Monty Cantsin wrote:

The crisis in western civilization is not caused by the application of rationality but the misuse of rationality. It’s the creation of ‘Rational-choice theories’ whose logic is based on a series of assumptions eventually divorcing itself from actuality when it fails to adapt. A prime example of this process is the discipline of economics, an underlying principle of which is the presumption of scarcity and thus the necessity of a market …This construct of principles breaks with the idea of a rational-choice theory which should be aimed at satisfying human needs on a Utilitarian basis.

Dear Monty Cantsin,

Economics as an academic discipline or a governmental practice, fundamentally reflects this desire within a categorizing, centralizing, bureaucratic political system, to use a rationalizing, totalizing apparatus (the state) for distributing services and goods throughout a society. But that desire is pitted against the many desires of the radical subjects who do not agree. They cannot get the state to agree with them, so it is once again the will of one over another, in a Deleuzean “ocean.” Typically states are thinking in terms of a utilitarian calculus for distributing services and goods, which is no different in terms of the radical subjectivity.

Utopia Or Bust