South Tacoma Way

This is not special art.

This is communication.

This is art as an everyday practice.

Somehow, walls like this still exist in Tacoma.

…Ever wonder why people gravitate towards places

Where other people are obviously existing?

Yes, me too.

That’s the anti-thesis of the broken windows theory.

People like to go where other people live free.

They can live free there too.

South Tacoma Way

We write on the walls because we live here.

We communicate with other people who live in these familiar structures

By painting on them and letting other people know

What we are thinking.

Open doorway

One friend goes into the abyss.

Another leaves

And comes out of another abyss.

Both leave their utopias behind,

They condemn them as “terrible” communities.

And embark on a new journey.

Frisko Freeze

A caravan of lowriders roll by.

A trail of sparks lights up the path behind them.

— BASS —


— BASS —

Tacoma is “unconquered” territory, my friend says to me.

“What do you mean unconquered?”

The society still doesn’t have a grip on this city, he says.

Somehow, it’s rebelling.

What do you mean? Tacoma is the most alienating place to exist.

If you mean to say “the culture is strong” that’s a mistake.

When I walk around the city at night, it’s a dead zone.

When I walk around the city in the day, it’s a dead zone.

No one else is alive here but the lowriders.

If you say it has a desire to fight, then maybe you are right.

But nobody here knows what they’re fighting against.

No one knows who their enemies are.

Oh I get it, we the a-vanguard need to teach them.

Frisko Freeze

I drift around and pass out insurrectionary literature to people I see at bus stops and gas stations.

“What’s this?” somebody asks me.

“This is written by anarchists about the city and what we’re doing to fight oppression.”

Confused look. “…Antarctichist? what’s that?”

Back to square one.

—- IRONY —-

Well, I’m glad you asked what Antarctichism is because here I am to teach you.

We fight for the freedom and total liberation of Antarctica.

We fight so that Antarctica can be a completely free society!

We want Antarctica to form its own autonomous territories which are able to withstand pressures from outside capitalist forces.

We depose all authorities on a local level in Antarctica.

To do that we block the economy, block production, and jam everything.

Get it?

—- IRONY —-

But seriously folks, I will miss Tacoma.

And I know Tacoma will miss me.

Her time to shine will come.