Chalk art, near 6th Ave. Tacoma.

Chalk art

Chalk art, other angle

At first I wondered why I was doing this. Why was I chalking on a street something that hardly anyone would walk there to see, hardly anyone would appreciate? Why would I put effort into anything for people who don’t give a shit at all? Does Tacoma deserve anyone’s art? Should I be doing this somewhere else where somebody might actually stop, look at it, and think about the world through the lens of their childhoods? (If they grew up in the Nintendo generation.)

One time I was chalking on 6th Ave. and some Clark Kent crime-fighting shitface followed me around with his cell phone like he was calling the cops. I didn’t want to waste my time with technicalities so I hid somewhere. What’s a little chalk art ever done to hurt anybody else, except make the sidewalk more interesting to walk on? Clark Kent is just bored with his life and needs to make everyone else’s boring too.

There are Clark Kents, Bruce Waynes and other “Hilltop Heroes” (as the TNT calls them) out there, sadly… and it’s one reason why Tacoma is a gutterfuck. You know all those crime-fighting heroes are really just alienated as hell and afraid of everyone around them. The cops are their friends because the art is their enemy.

Well, for me it’s not a matter of whether anyone else deserves the art, or whether anyone will notice it. It all depends on what I get out of it, the feeling I get when I walk down the street and see the chalk piece that I did. The best thing me or anyone else can do is be consistent and stick to your craft. Fill everything with the art that you want the world to be full of. Discard everything this society creates and create what you want.

accompanying chalk art poem:

The Book of Mudora

To some,

An old and battered tome,

Filled with the indecipherable

Scribble of Hylian text,

Professing all that has happened,

All that will happen.

“Nothing is in the same place twice.”

Flipping pages,

Mysterious clues that lead to nowhere,

And from there, Everywhere.