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Capitalism is schizophrenia because it bribes people into becoming divorced from nature.

Capitalism is schizophrenia — inducing because it tricks people into thinking that they must do what they despise to live their lives.

In every case this creates disassociation. People are doing what they hate doing, and so they generate a fake personality which is based on the hate they have for their lives as they get up every morning to do things they hate doing — but must tell themselves, they think, that they love doing. Or they will be fired. And unable to support wife, husband, children, elderly parents and so forth.

People who are atavistic, who prefer to live outdoors, under the sky and are thus called “homeless” further just by their existence, reduce the terms of the owning classes to absurdity. No, they’re not homeless. No one is really homeless.

But capitalism is itself schizophrenia in the Gulf of Mexico, as the people whose mentality is based on being divorced from nature, the people who shrug at the idea of how good it could be to take off their shoes and wriggle their toes in the grass — they are insane, and more than a little evil.

And they are schizoid. Their mental weakness is a clear danger to themselves and others. Barack Obama also is too mentally deficient to figure out a way to deal with this problem.  He’s not alone. Tony Heywood who runs British Petroleum?  Moron.  He “wants his life back.” All the dead animals corroded by vile and obsolete petrol, maybe they want their lives back, too. And the schizoids of capital, what do they do when they are faced with this objective reality?

They smirk. They try to conceal a giggle, because at least they are making money.

Brit Hume’s commentary:

For people to focus on making as much money as they can while the only place that they could live is being destroyed by their capitalistic choices could be called insane, or evil. or both.

Perhaps the only thing that could be called more evil, insane or schizoid is for others to do nothing while the mad systematically make excuses to ruin earth’s ability to sustain human life.  On Russia Today they are contemplating using nuclear weapons against the oil spill.

via Russia Today: