I have new-found interest in writing theory and creating propaganda. My critical theory, anarchist theory, autonomous Marxism, etc., is not well-received by most people I talk to in Tacoma. Most people have never heard of these ideas, and have a thousand poorly-developed reasons as to why the spectacle is right.

Thanks to some comrades I recently had the pleasure of meeting from the VOID Network, my new insight is not to care about idiotic people in the same way I had before. The situations I am trying to construct out of the idiocy of everyday life are not being framed as if I was fully confident in the possibility of the project. We are letting the idiots walk all over our city. We had not been thinking about this strategically. People scoff at theory and emotions they do not understand. As long as the ideas are hidden from them, they have no drive to understand. They are bombarded a million times a day with information from the spectacle, and not at all from the anarchists of their city. But they need bombardment, from somewhere. They are too reactionary and close-minded otherwise.

In their everyday interactions it is the spectacle talking through them, and it is the society controlled by the spectacle looking at me through their eyes. It is not free thought. It is a wall of dumbness. People in the street are conditioned to wall-off critical thinking. Society is conditioned not to think critically, and to anticipate the spectacle’s own ideas before people justifying their own. This has even worked against us by “numbing down” anarchist thought.

Sometimes without reassurance that your ideas are reflected elsewhere, and vindicated around the world, it can be difficult to see why you should be vigorously crushing your enemies’ ideas instead of leading them like baby sheep to where you’re at — or worse, not doing anything. What society needs most is to have its idiocy snared by us, and absolutely torn apart by the sharp blade of critical thought, by those of us who are prepared to crush them in the comfort of their own “safe” places. Meet them at their level and crush.

I think our ideas should be everywhere, not only within the privacy of small meeting spaces, of “approved” spaces, amongst closed circles of friends, and behind closed doors. The best thing we can do is be completely honest about where the ideas are coming from with everyone, and not give a fuck how positively they will be received by the liberals, by the idiots, by the proto-democrat college student. We need to be intellectual dragons breathing fire into the streets everywhere we go, scorching the complacency of bourgeois society in every city with an anarchist presence. We do not water ideas down for people who cannot understand them. We do not waste time “converting” people unable to break their own chains, break their own spells. I am not interested in converts, but only in free people able to think about their own life with radical subjectivity. We are like a presence constantly boding in the underground, but our goal is to be even more visible than the spectacle itself.

Toward even greater détournements than ever previously imaginable.


Lessons learned:

Throw better parties than them

Crush their ideas

Fight them in the street