This is a video I made from an experimental feedback session. My friend and I were demonstrating what you can do with video equipment during a media exposition event, and this attracted some kids to our table who wanted to play with the feedback loops.

Optical feedback is the autopoiesis, or the ouroboros, of video technology. It occurs when an optical input device is gathering information from the optical output device, so that the output is now the input, which was the previous input of the previous input. This “downward causality” path goes continues ad infinitum, mise en abyme. What you end up seeing is called the drotse effect, a picture of  a picture of a picture — that is, a recursive picture. As you can imagine, this feedback effect is the source or inspiration for a lot of trippy, psychadelic art like Pink Floyd and many others, beginning with popular Fluxus artist Nam June Paik. There is a lot that can be made with “optical feedback” — check out the ultimate video feedback website.