From the cooltownstudios blog.

I’m shocked at how cool this actually is. Times Square is now a permanently car-free zone, just like the unique little town squares peppered throughout Europe. It’s a really amazing development, considering all the possibilites it could lead to… just think of all the riots people will have there when the American dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency and civilizations begin to crumble. In the meantime this is one step in the right direction, toward the global dictatorship of the pedestrian.

In a different post, cooltownstudios wrote:

“It’s Time for Cities to Favor People, Not Cars” isn’t a headline you’ll be seeing in the Wall Street Journal anytime soon, but it is a headline this month on Wired Magazine’s site, which is often an indicator that we’ve hit the tipping point from concept to reality.

From theory to praxis.