“Reporters are nothing but corporate employees.”


If we take the definition of “the proletariat” as provided by the SI – that anyone not in control of their own life and the creation of their situations is a proletarian – then the majority of the fifth estate is proletarian, too. “Journalism” is an extension of the capitalist superstructure (an extension ruling class ideas).

Could journalists as a professional class ever come to this realization? Then what would “journalist solidarity” look like? Strikes in response to false information? Occupations of radio stations and newspaper offices, indefinitely, until the board of trustees is dissolved, chairpersons are evicted, and the rest of us can re-invent the news? Militants such as ourselves could provide strike supplies, and partake in the deconstruction of the work site, the deconstruction of work, and fight for autonomous journalist communes which will supersede all corporate and fascist powers seeking to re-administer and re-bureaucratize the newsrooms.