According to the bookfair myspace, here is the final schedule for next weekend at King’s Books.


11:00 Intro to Anarchism
a discussion on the development of and different schools within anarchist thought.

12:00 Radical History of Tacoma

1:00 I.C.E. Detention Center
presentation on the history and plans for expansion of the immigration detention center located in Tacoma’s tide flats.

2:00   LUNCH

3:00 Film: War On The Hill
10 min documentary on the crack epidemic and police violence of the 80’s and early 90’s within the Hilltop community of Tacoma. discusses the CIA’s role in funneling drugs into inner cities.

3:30 Crimethinc. Eviction // Racism In Age of Obama
discussion group on the current state of race relations within the anarchist subculture and America at large.

4:30 Film: 10 reasons to Oppose the 2010 Olympics

5:00 Key Concepts from the Situationist International

6:00 Power Point Presentation on The Coming Insurrection.


11:00 Consent

12:00 Womyns Health

1:00  “Fuck Your Morals” Discussion Group
an exploration of the sources of meaning within a godless existence.

2:00  LUNCH

3:00  Anarchy, My Anarchy
a discussion of individual’s anarchist thoughts. how much do we really have in common?

4:00  I.V.A.W.
presentation on iraq veterans against the war and the importance of organized resistance within armed forces.

5:00  Agent Orange
presentation on the recent outing of John “Jacob” Towery as a Government informant who had infiltrated anti-war groups in Olympia and Tacoma.

6:00 Security Culture.