I don’t usually rant on my blog, but this is an exception!

When I tell someone I can film an hour-long gig and post it online, I want to be able to say that with assurance.

Today I fired up Avid Liquid to export some .avi files to .mp4 (my favorite youtube-quality format) and after jostling with Adobe Premiere for two hours trying to get it to work… now Avid Liquid somehow does not export! It apparently lost its ability to export-to-file, after it took an hour to render that file!

Each time I do a fucking video it’s something NEW!! It’s some NEW fucking error code that I have to deal with each time! And I have to read posts on video discussion forums about other people who have had to deal with the same shit! And their solutions never work for what I am going through! So I have to do it all myself! Ah!!

It’s one thing when you have to wait on other people, but it’s another when you have to sit on your ass waiting for your robot to finish wiping its own ass, and you don’t even get to talk to other people! You just have to sit there in front of it, in an uncomfortable chair, indoors, when it’s sunny outside, while the human children next door are playing gleefully in their water fountain, and it’s almost Autumn, so you know it won’t last, and all you want is to eat lunch, and not worry about any robot issues, but you just have to sit there, and you have to be patient!

And you can’t leave for very long, because five minutes from now the latest process will be finished and the robots will once again need a human to tell them what to fucking do next. You can’t batch process everything!! That’s the worst part. Why can’t I batch process my entire project from start to finish??? From capture to upload? Why, robot! Why can’t you do that!!? I want to have somebody else do that shit while I go and enjoy a nice refreshment from a cafe, or talk about anarchy with my housemates. I just want to be free!! I just want to be human again. But… but the robots are supposed to make us happier right?

No they don’t! They’re fucking useless!