This is a documentary film exploring local food in Tacoma, Puyallup, and Pierce County. From the community gardens and the farmer’s markets, to the possibilities of urban agriculture and food co-ops.

It took a while to edit this – my computer was constantly crashing because of the high res images, and the diverse video and audio file types. I had to sacrifice some interesting animations for the sake of speed and creative posterity. There are so many tricks and data-saving techniques you have to pick up when editing with the untrustworthy Premiere Pro CS3. I have very seriously been considering switching to Final Cut because I am growing gray hair from Adobe’s insanity. I drink way too much coffee when editing that my custom-built PC cannot keep up with me! I’m tired of waiting on it and lame ass Microsoft/Adobe glitches. (Too bad there aren’t great editing platforms for Ubuntu.)

On another note, there are so many documentaries about food today. As filmmakers we should ride on this trend, because local food movements are a very good thing. That is why I was glad to make this “go local” food documentary about my local area. I didn’t feel like I was making a shitty documentary for the non-profit industrial complex.

It was great to meet all of the people in this film! It was great to be able to contribute to something everyone else is doing in a positive way. And it was great to build my portfolio.