This can be said with several meanings implied. We say this not because we want to continue circumscribing our enemies, but because it is no longer enough to use the imagery of ‘the enemy’ in our propaganda. The abstract ‘enemy’ is only a small part of any successful propaganda campaign. Most propaganda does not make overt use of ‘the enemy’ and goes seemingly undetected while advertising its own unique value system. If we want to turn those values on their heads we have to do much more than show the ugly side of our enemy’s values. We have to show the attractions of our own, which hitherto used an anti-enemy approach, and now would do better to re-imagine itself through heroes, exemplars and parables. The point is to show our values are not just in protest to other values, but stand by themselves. It is the enemy who dominates my propaganda who is my enemy, as both my simulated distraction and as my enemies in the flesh.