Oh no what can the “consumer” do about greenwashing? Let’s ask a greenwashing marketing firm to find out.

Terra Choice is a marketer which specializes in introducing inexperienced firms to green advertising. On their sinsofgreenwashing website, you can send “protest postcards” to companies you believe have greenwashed their products. The postcards link the receiver to the website, where they are offered flashy information about how to get in touch with better, more successful greenwashing marketers — for example, like Terra Choice.

According to Scott McDougall from Terra Choice, the consumer should support products that are greenwashing, regardless of whether the claims are true, because at least you’re valuing companies which are trying to clean up their image. By supporting the lie, in effect, you are supporting what the lie is. Supporting greenwashing, he says, is supporting green products and supporting this fashionable faux-green lifestyle that the rich want to be a part of.

It all serves to support the environmental marketing industry, and in turn supports the environmental-plundering industry, which is to say – this all in turn supports civilization and its modes of production. Environmental marketing firms which are now popping up left and right are only evidence that the spectacle of capitalist production has an even tighter grip on the population, now that it can satisfy the environmental preferences of the civilized with lies and advertising. Its grip grows more firm with better and more compelling lies. Nothing you can pay for at the supermarket will alter this path. Each thing the consumer does is bailing out the Titanic with a teaspoon, remember. And the trendy eco-consumer craze is, in a totally twisted way, telling them to buy a new set of eco-spoons.