a response to: Invasion of the Bikes, Tacoma Volcano

Communique #3


Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have your attention.

May we have your attention PLEASE.

We have a very important announcement:



Eh Eh Ahem…

At the heart of propaganda in urban life is the automobile.

It is the supreme good of an alienated life and an essential product of the capitalist market.

Now look over at our exhibition and you will see that at the heart of this lovely swarm is the bicycle.

The bicycle is a small, lightweight and easy-to-fix technology that travels urban distances with great ease and wind in your hair.







Look Both Ways!

Easily the first moral lesson of an urban life, Look Both Ways!, is a precautionary tale that any schoolchild can tell you all about. Its violent history is underscored by what is probably the most life-saving truism of urban life – Cars are real.

No wonder then at some point sidewalks were invented. With an infrastructure of urban domination set in place, the monopoly on urban pathways complete, the automobile invaded, and even promised to launch us into outer space.

And now this. It is the bicyclists and pedestrians today who are the menacing and problematic force apparently. Fuck with us and get your tires slashed. Fuck with us and get your SUV windows smashed out.

Who’d better look both ways now, bitch? And now the Department Of Transportation is air-conditioned.

So we have your attention, thank you.

George Motherfuckin Jetson
Chairman of The Bureau of Taking Back Public Space