Federal tax money is allocated based on sheer number of residents in the Census data, and much of the political authority is based on that too.

Many “illegal” residents in the US are boycotting the 2010 Census to strike a message to politicians. Escucha! The politicians will not get federal money from “illegal” people unless every person is legal, unless every person is human. Especially with law enforcement partnerships between the federal immigration police (ICE) and the local police — as outlined in the 287(g) program — boycotting the Census bars police and federal authorities from fully using Census data to terrorize communities.

Now, some politicians are arguing that participation in the Census is in fact participation in politics, and that by boycotting the Census this pushes “illegal” residents further away from the political sphere. This equivocation is completely backward! A Census strike is more participatory than just unquestioningly participating in the Census survey, because striking is an exercise of free speech. It gets the point across. The survey does nothing. The strike is something the politician will fear! Just like they have made so many fear loosing their homes and families.

Strike against the Census!