I posted an article under a fairly well-known pseudonym a year and a half ago onto seattle.indymedia.org which included a picture I took of some M2 Bradley Fighting vehicles that were soon to be shipped out from the Port of Tacoma. That made a big spectacle of myself. The article (and my real name too) were recorded in a 256-page document of information passed along from the Tacoma Police Department to the Department of Homeland Security during frequent meetings.

There is a growing number of people who know about these “meeting minutes” since it was first revealed a couple of weeks ago. This is not like some big secret. They were uncovered via FOIA requesting. Ian Demsky from the Tacoma News Tribune posted an article on today’s Political Buzz blog about the document, saying, last time he checked it was still legal to do everything the activists in this document are recorded as doing. That is, the activists were organizing anti-war marches, anarchists were organizing zine release parties, and I was posting information to seattleindymedia.org.

The police have been keeping tabs on quite a number of people in this area, but only a few are mentioned. They mention the Pitchpipe Infoshop, but they don’t mention the hidden spy camera which used to point directly at the house from a lamppost across the street. In other words, the police point to people they think are problems, and the feds do the dirty work (which is not in the minutes).

Reading this document you can see how judgmental these meetings are, and how quick they’re willing to profile any old shield you find walking along a street (you know) as suddenly a scary “anarchist shield,” and how quickly an artifact which normally would be dismissed outright is evidence of criminal intent. As the information gets passed along it builds momentum and becomes more and more outrageous. If you have ever agreed with a book by Derrick Jensen or Ward Churchill, you automatically get a “terrorism enhancement” to any crime you are charged of. A vegan potluck party is a terrorist operation. The story is retold from one department to another — “Have you heard the vegan potluck party…” — in the end it is just a cover up for vegans conspiring to assassinate the mayor, etc.

Robert Hill is also the minutes. Robert Hill is a vocal Tacoma figure who has been told by Mayor Baarsma to leave City Council meetings because of his obstructions. Most of the time he is just being silly to make a case for creating more bike lanes and things of that nature. But according to the minutes, the Department of Homeland Security and its goons think that Hill may have converted to Islam *hint hint* and quite possibly a terrorist! Maybe this is why the City has decided to bring the heat on Hill, and arrest him for showing up to City Council meetings.

Also: the Tacoma police and the feds are using grants and anti-terrorist training on anti-war activists like the Tacoma SDS among other groups. Police tend to hype groups up like this way out of proportion, hence why they are even mentioned in DHS notes. You can thank Big Brother for bringing the heat!