Entrace to the "underworld" in Tacoma

Entrance to the "underworld" in Tacoma

So it’s a government “of the people, by the people,” where the people’s property is the government’s property?

So it doesn’t belong to the people. It belongs to the pig.

“You’re going to keep on saying that: I am the people, I’m not the pig.”

– Fred Hampton.

The “underworld” is an unused railroad system under some freeway ramps and overpasses in Tacoma. It’s not actually under ground, just below the freeway system. For years taggers and graffiti artists have visited the spot for bombing. And for years the city buffs the area clean, creating blank canvasses for younger artists to prove their skill on. I found a discussion about the history of the “underworld” on 253hiphop.com, with fascinating pictures from earlier generations.