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There is a lot of talk today about hipsters. Here are some thoughts I had about the “hipster” phenomenon. These points read like an argument.

  1. Fashion is way of expressing yourself, like an artist would.
  2. But the hipster lacks a critique of capitalism.
  3. The hipster fetishizes products of capitalism just like the general public, except the products they fetishize are supposed to be under-appreciated or obscured by others.
  4. The hipster lifestyle is premised on the pursuit of personal sovereignty, achieved through consumption of commodities and the images-as-commodities.
  5. “Hipster counter-culture” does not exist.
  6. Hipsters betray counter-cultures and turn them into commercial enterprise by recuperating the antagonistic, revolutionary or political aspects of them, saving only the cosmetic and aesthetic aspects.
  7. Capitalist production cannot become an authentic cultural resource.
  8. The hipster is a-political. But they will pretend to be political if the social situation requires it.
  9. The omnipresence of hipsterism today is only preparing the next generation for a future full of false rebellion.