In lieu of May Day 2009, you’re invited to participate in an online blog event on the topic of revolution to share our ideas and each others’ blogs. Take the time to answer the question, “What will a revolution in the United States look like?”

I was initially inspired to ask this question based on recent events in the UK with factory occupations, and the backdrop of the global economic crisis. What would a revolution look like in 2009? But my approach does not need to be yours. You might give a fictional account, an anecdote, a philosophical idea, or a set of practical instructions. Maybe you’ll write a poem or draw a picture.

Schedule your post to publish on May 1st, and add a link to your post to the comment section of this post when you’ve written it. All participating blogs will have a link from this blog, Utopia or Bust, once the responses are in.

Don’t forget to tag your post “revolution in the united states” so they can be tracked easily on wordpress or, etc.

I look forward to seeing your posts.