I am new to WordPress. But already I like the tag feature that allows you to see all the other WordPress blogs tagged with the same things as yours. I like seeing who else writes about ‘anarchism’, ‘postmodernism’, ‘Lyotard’, ‘John Stuart Mill’, and whatever else I am interested in.

One thing I noticed is that there are so many Christian blogs that talk about postmodernism. It seems to be quite a fascination. I was hoping to find lots of blogs written by people who are interested in actually studying Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze, etc. But instead, half of what is out there seems to be written by somebody in a theological seminary whose goal is to mark off all that is worldly, eclectic, or dangerously skeptical. From an outsider perspective this looks like a 14th Century monk would if he argued for the indefensibility of the Medieval Age. Postmodernity is an Age, but it is also a condition. To turn a phrase I once heard in a “reformed epistemology” seminar, Christians waking up to the world of postmodernity with a bad taste in their mouths are “denying the very air that they breath.”

I am not saying that some people are overly-reactionary on their blogs. That’s fine. Because I do the same. I write so much about John Stuart Mill, for example, not because I am one of his disciples but because I am always trying to formulate new ways of arguing against his utilitarian principles and other nonsense that came out of the Scottish Enlightenment, which is still very much in vogue within the Anglo jurisprudence tradition.

But not only do the majority of Christian writings on the subject of postmodernity appear never really to have read the philosophers, (they wallow instead, and exclusively, in clumsy translations from pastors and evangelicals) but they denigrate the postmodernists with uncharitableness. Just check out any book from the Christian Family Bookstore chain. From their own second-rateness they despise good work just as they look upon any measure of success from the anti-foundationalist camp with moronic envy.

I don’t have any advice. This is just an observation.

"Who's Afraid of Postmodernism?" a book written by the Christians