It seems like everywhere he goes, we are there to greet him. He goes to London, we smash bank windows. He goes to Strasbourg, we burn hotels. He goes to Turkey, and we fill the streets to discredit his popularity.

It’s about bloody time the age of Obama worship from the moderate left is over. Well, it is more accurate to say that the radical left is trying to break that facade. However, most Americans say Obama has improved the US image around the world according to a CNN poll. Maybe I am out of touch?

There’s another reason why the people of Turkey are in the streets. Don’t you think it’s odd that NATO should appoint Danish PM Anders Rasmussen as the Secretary General of NATO, when many Muslims (and Turkey is 98% Muslim) find Danish politics an affront to Islam? (Remember the Danish cartoons that ridiculed the Prophet Muhammed?) Whether that issue was over free speech is not the problem, but how the Europeans view the culture of Islam. Why should they want to be part of NATO’s military organization (which has no reason anymore to exist since the collapse of the Soviet Union), when the people who own it (the United States), run it (the United States), and put a pretty face on it (Denmark), do not respect the people of Islam and do not have good relations with Muslim countries?