I spent last weekend at the Bay Area anarchist book fair in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. There was so much skill-sharing and interaction that it was hard to keep track of. Keith McHenry, founder of Food Not Bombs, was there, and next to him was translator and theorist Ken Knabb, author of the Situationist Anthology and the Bureau of Public Secrets, and administrator of the BOP website. Publishers from Modesto Anarcho, AK Press, as well as many independent zine publishers, were lined up at tables and sat down in hallways. Hundreds of people filled hallways to listen in as authors spoke about recent books, filmmakers spoke about recent projects, and literati spoke about anarchist science fiction. Outside I watched a zine-dealer skin some raccoon road kill for eating. I bought all the books Ken Knabb was selling. I met an anarchist from Greece. The Bay Area is so much fun.

Here’s a picture of the book fair from Indybay (more).

If you are from Tacoma you might be interested to know that Tacoma also has an anarchist book fair in July. Check the myspace for updates as the time draws near.