(I wouldn’t normally be posting stuff like this, but since I made this video I’m linking it here.)

A violin instructor and alumna from the University of Puget Sound, Janet Utterback-Peck, teaches violin students (ages 6 – 14) by recording them and posting their videos on a private YouTube account. She and her community of violin instructors have found that video-taping their students increases the students’ self-efficacy, and opens them to a wide range of violinists over the internet.

“I think the physical part – looking – and connecting – what physical motions make certain sounds is key,” she says. Janet also uses YouTube to learn tricks from the professionals in her own work as a violinist with the Tacoma and Northwest Symphony Orchestras.

Staci Elliott and I created this short documentary video through Instructional Technology, which is the department that administers a BlackBoard content management system, tutorializes university software, and offers to students and educators regarding technological and pedagogical combinations. In the video I featured a documentary about Jascha Heifetz, which can be seen here, and a rendition of “Last Rose of Summer” by Hilary Hahn (which happens to be one of Janet’s favorites). That video can be seen separately here.