I just got back from a great party in Portland, one of my favorite cities in the U.S.

  • A light rail system connects Portland to the suburbs, something “environmental” Seattle barely has.
  • We spent the night at a friend’s house and found a copy of Portland’s “Gay and Lesbian Yellow Pages” on the doorstep when we woke up.
  • Rent is cheaper in Portland, at least on M.L.K.
  • Portland is bicycle friendly, with bike paths an almost every big road.
  • There is a sense of community in Portland.
  • Portlanders are happy and talk to neighbors.
  • Portlanders are relaxed about fixing up their yards to look like golf courses, and instead find many other interesting uses for yards, like artwork and gardening.
  • Whole time I was there I did not see one cop. As soon as I got back to Tacoma I saw five and one squad SUV in a matter of ten minutes.
  • Parties in Portland attract some of the best musicians.
  • According to Grist, Portland is the second-most green city in the world behind Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Portland has some of the largest city parks in the U.S.
  • DIY crafting is a big thing in Portland.
  • Portland is home to many interesting people, like Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux).

By contrast,

  • I recently discovered Tacoma was listed on CNN as the top most stressful city in the United States.