Thank you SubMedia for posting this video – and thank you GlassBead for rolling your tapes. Watch the video where the Society of Professional Journalists (website) dissect DNC/RNC videos put out by SubMedia and PepperSpray asking the audience, “Are they really journalists?”

After slight heckling from audience members, he turns to the panel of professional journalists and says,

“Show them your press pass.”

What a joke. From my perspective a press pass is only supposed to send the signal that you take what you do seriously, and you are committed to your role as a journalist as opposed to any other role – organizer, medic, jail supporter, lawyer, police officer, delegate etc.

So, what do we think – are Lambert, me and the Stimulator journalists? Do we fulfill a journalistic niche where corporate and mainstream media have failed us? Do we show original content and represent underrepresented viewpoints that add to public debate and help create a fuller, more diverse democracy? Etc. Etc.?