I wanted to repost something a fluxus artist, Nicolas Carras, wrote onto the Fluxus email community. I’m constantly finding extracts, several a day, on this group which amuse and provoke me. Fluxus in general enjoys being this way, and I have been inspired by it. These artists have a life outside the email community, of course, but the email community is largely a place to vent, and express whatever it is that needs expressing. There is something about words too, just words, that fascinate this Fluxus community. One artist, John Bennett, is constantly posting nonsensical mixtures of words that seem to make sense, but I have long since stopped searching for their meaning and now just listen to the hypothesized sounds they would make if you actually said them. At any rate, this one is about shit, so immediately it grabbed my attention. It’s called You Are All Shit.

(If you don’t understand, don’t call me, please, never call me)

You are nothing but shit

You are leaving for shit

All your life is shit

You are nothing but shit

You are eating shit

You are reading shit

You shiting shit

Your child study shit

You are responsable of this shit

You drink shit

Your brain is full of shit

You sleep in shit

All your body is a big shit

You smell like a shit

You think like a shit

But you will think all this is not serious, you! maybe gonna laugh

But I do think what I’m writing actually? I do think it in the abyss of myself