The genre “breakcore” sounds too choppy, too cut up, and too extreme. The kick drum is way too excessive, and the snares very echoey. Listen to Mochipet, for example. Breakcore has split into endless divisions in recent years: ‘wafflecore’, ‘flappercore’, ‘operacore’, ‘donkeycore’, etc. Most of it is impossible to dance to – pure experimentation.

However, there is usually a gateway artist that I find very interesting from whatever genre. I have found some of the most interesting and mellow sounds from Oregon recently. That’s where Kixotek from Corvallis comes in. I heard Kixotek (pronounced ‘kiggz ottik’ or ‘kicks-o-tech’?) mix flavorful breakcore session in Seattle a few months ago at Kinetic 3.

Listen to Ouroboros on his myspace, and check out the art on his webpage.